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Articles in Transit

Articles in transit are normally not subject to import and export licensing control except those specified in Schedule 2 to the Import and Export (Strategic Commodities) Regulations. Schedule 2 covers specific munitions, nuclear-related materials facilities and equipment, and their related documents containing technological information and articles for a use relating to nuclear, chemical or biological weapons.

Schedule 2 goods transiting through Hong Kong requires an import licence (in respect of the inbound journey of the consignment entering Hong Kong) and an export licence (in respect of the outbound journey leaving Hong Kong).

When applying for licences for goods in transit, applicants should :

  • ensure that all details required in the application form are correctly filled in and that the application is accompanied by brochures/catalogues giving adequate technical details of the commodities;
  • declare on the licence application that the goods are in transit, and state the name of the vessel or flight number; and
  • declare the end-user and end-use of the goods on the application.

The Trade and Industry Department may impose additional licensing conditions, such as requiring the exporter to produce a landing certificate or delivery verification certificate in respect of the goods to the Director-General within 12 weeks after the date of shipment.

Last Revision Date : 28 February 2017