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Air Transhipment Cargo Exemption Scheme for Specified Strategic Commodities (SCTREX)

SCTREX allows eligible airlines and cargo operators who have registered with the Trade and Industry Department to be exempted from applying licence in respect of air transshipment cargo of specified strategic commodities. The Scheme covers specified strategic commodities listed in Schedule 1 to the Import and Export (Strategic Commodities) Regulations (“the Regulations”), except products listed in Schedule 2 to the Regulations, which are air transhipment cargo and remain within the confines of the cargo transhipment area of Hong Kong International Airport pending onward flights. The registrants under the Scheme are bound by the registration conditions and subject to post-shipment verification. 

For details, please refer to the relevant circular.

Please refer to the list for some specific examples of products that are ineligible for the SCTREX.

Last Revision Date : 03 January 2023