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Ref : TRA CR 1015/35
8 April 2004

Dear Sirs,

Strategic Trade Controls Circular No.4 /04

New Application Forms and
Import and Export Licences of Strategic Commodities

            This circular is to announce that with immediate effect, (i) the existing Import Licence Form (Strategic Commodities) [TID501] and Export Licence Form (Strategic Commodities) [TID502] are replaced by two newly designed application forms [TID501] (fillable pdf format) and [TID502] (fillable pdf format) ; and (ii) import and export licences of strategic commodities will also be issued by Trade and Industry Department in a new format.

Changes Involved in the New Application Forms

2.          We introduce the two new application forms at Appendices A (fillable pdf format) and B (fillable pdf format) for import and export licences with a view to further facilitating the trade in the following aspects :
  1. Free of Charge

    While the existing forms are saleable forms (HK$12 and $14 per pad for import and export licence forms respectively) which traders need to purchase at Trade and Industry Department, the new application forms are free of charge. They are available at our Customer Service Counter for free collection by traders. Alternatively, traders can also choose to download the application forms (pdf format) from our Strategic Commodities Control System Website ("SC Website") at, on a 24-hour basis.

  2. Greater Flexibility

    The new application forms allow a greater flexibility as traders can make copies themselves for completion and submission to Trade and Industry Department.

  3. More user-friendly contents and layout design

    The new application forms have been made to carry more user-friendly contents and layout design which we hope would make completion of forms more efficient and accurate.

  4. Alignment with E-Applications

    The new application forms are introduced in line with the launching of E-Applications in SC Website (for details, please refer to Strategic Trade Controls Circular No. 3/04). They are made consistent with the relevant E-Applications. Traders who get used to making paper applications will have no problems to switch to electronic mode since contents in both cases are aligned and identical. Similarly, E-Applicants will also find it easy to make applications in paper mode, if circumstances warrant.

  5. Licences to be Issued on Separate Forms

    Before introduction of the new forms, applicants are required to submit Import Licence Form (Strategic Commodities) [TID501]/Export Licence Form (Strategic Commodities) [TID502] in triplicate for every application. Trade and Industry Department will validate, print licence number on each copy of these forms and issue them to the applicants as import/export licences.

With the launching of E-Applications in SC website and the introduction of new application forms, applicants, who choose to make their applications in paper format, need only to submit one single copy of the application form to Trade and Industry Department for each application. Trade and Industry Department will, based on information provided in the application, print out a complete set of import/export licences for issuance to the applicants. In other words, the new application forms are for the sole purpose of making licence applications. Licences will be issued on separate forms.

Completion of the New Forms

3.          A guidance notes for completion and a sample of completed import licence application are at Appendices C (pdf format) and D (pdf format) and those for export licence are at Appendices E (pdf format) and F (pdf format) respectively.

New Import and Export Licences of Strategic Commodities

4.          As aforesaid in paragraph 2(e) above, import and export licences of strategic commodities will be revised into a brand new format along with the introduction of the new application forms and the launching of E-Applications. Samples of the new import and export licences are at Appendices G (pdf format) and H (pdf format) . Applicants, irrespective of being paper and E-applicants, will be issued with two copies of paper licences (one importer's/exporter's copy and one carrier's copy) for each of their application. The new licences will enable us to further facilitate traders because :
  1. Licences so issued will be clearer and more concise. While copies of the existing licences are made by means of carbon copying, the new licences will have their every copy printed out entirely and individually by Trade and Industry Department.

  2. By referring to the information provided in the applications (irrespective of paper or E-Applications), Trade and Industry Department will as far as possible fine-tune and standardize terms/wording/abbreviations in respect of company names, units of quantity, product description and model number in the printed licences. This arrangement will let the department refrain from deferring the applications for minor discrepancies like typo errors. The applicants can then save the time and efforts in making the necessary amendments and re-submitting the applications to the Department. Consequently, delays in processing will be minimized and licences can be issued more efficiently.

  3. Currently, Trade and Industry Department will apply specified chops onto the licences to impose certain special licence conditions. In some cases, there are too many conditions to impose that the chops may even appear at the back of the licence given the very limited space on the front page. The new licences will no longer bear this kind of chops. All licence conditions will be printed out in very clear terms at the designated part, "Licence Conditions", of the licences and can be read with more ease.

Use of New Licences

5.          Though the format has been changed, usage of the new import/export licences remains the same. That means for import licences, part shipments within the licences' validity are permitted. Importers and carriers should follow the instructions at the back of import licence to provide arrival details of part shipments. Products covered by export licences, on the other hand, should be shipped at the same time on the same vessel, aircraft or vehicle. In other words, export licences permit no part shipment.

6.          Traders are also reminded to read and comply with all licence conditions imposed by the Director-General of Trade and Industry. Such conditions will be printed on licences at the part of "Licence Conditions".

Transitional Arrangements

7.          The Department will accept licence applications made using the new application forms with immediate effect. To enable traders to use up their existing stock in hand, traders may continue to put up strategic commodity applications using Import Licence Form (Strategic Commodities) [TID501]/Export Licence Form (Strategic Commodities) [TID502] until 8 July 2004. With effect from 9 July 2004, the Department will only accept strategic commodity applications submitted in the new application forms. Regardless of the types of application forms used, import/export licences will be issued in the revised formats from now on.


8.          If you have any enquiry regarding the content of this circular, please dial our enquiry hotlines 2398 5575 or send email to us at

Yours faithfully,

(Ms Michelle POON)
for Director-General of Trade and Industry

Last Review Date : 10 June 2016