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Part (III) Use of Digital Certificates in E-Accounts

Like paper applications, electronic applications (e.g. import/export licence applications, pre-classification applications, Delivery Verification Certificate applications etc.) made in E-Accounts require the signatures of personnel who have been authorised to lodge applications on behalf of the E-Holder. Procedures for registering with the Trade and Industry Department the company's authorised personnel are at Part (II)(ii).

E-Holders who wish to make electronic applications therefore need to be a subscriber of a recognised digital certificate (i.e. e-Certificate or eCert) issued by a Certification Authority (CA) recognised by the HKSAR Government. Specifically, the authorised personnel (or the applicant) MUST make electronic applications with the E-Holder's e-Certificate (Organisational)
(i.e. " Organisational e-Cert " issued by Hongkong Post or " Organisational ID-Cert Class 2 " issued by Digi-Sign Certification Services Limited ). And, he/she himself/herself MUST be the subscriber of the certificate. The e-Certificate is required so that the electronic applications can comply with the following requirements :

Authenticity & Non Repudiation

The electronic application should bear a digital signature of the applicant who is authorised by the company (or E-Holder) to sign on its behalf so that the Trade and Industry Department is able to ensure the authenticity of the identity of both the company (or E-Holder) and the applicant. This is also necessary for avoiding repudiation by the company (or E-Holder) and the applicant concerned of having made the application.


The electronic application must be transmitted in a manner in which the Trade and Industry Department will be the only recipient able to read and understand the messages. The content and information of a transaction is kept private and secret from unauthorised third parties.


The electronic applications must be transmitted in a way where the integrity of the application particulars can be guaranteed. In other words, the application particulars contained in the electronic application will not be tampered with, either accidentally or deliberately, during transmission.

Applicants should ensure that their digital certificates are not revoked or liable to be revoked at the time when the electronic applications are made.

For each electronic application successfully made with the use of digital certificate in the E-Accounts, the computer system will generate an acknowledgement immediately.

E-Holders who wish to add/delete the personnel authorised to access information and utilise service of E-Account should complete and submit Form SC044 (pdf fillable form) to Trade and Industry Department.

For the time being, the Trade and Industry Department will only accept electronic applications be made with the recognised digital certificates issued by Hongkong Post or Digi-Sign Certification Services Limited.

For enquiries on the application procedures and the use of digital certificates, please contact Hongkong Post (Telephone No. : 2921-6633 (24-hour service); Fax No. : 2775-9130; email address :; website : or Digi-Sign (Telephone No. : 2917-8833; Fax No. : 2174-0019; email address :; website :

Last Updated Date : 3 March 2014

Last Review Date : 20 June 2014