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Part (VI) Conditions of Use for E-Accounts

(i) General

  1. E-Accounts are for the use by companies which have been registered with the Trade and Industry Department (hereafter 'the Department') as strategic commodities traders. (Part (II) refers)

  2. The Department provides the services and information through E-Accounts, subject to E-Holders' agreement and compliance with the conditions of use set out below. These conditions will be updated and revised by the Department from time to time by posting the revised version at this website with prior notice to users in writing.

  3. E-Holders when making electronic applications in their E-Accounts are further subject to conditions imposed by the Director-General of Trade and Industry for such applications which may be stipulated in the applications and/or announced through circulars published by the Department.

  4. E-Holders are deemed to have accepted and agreed to be bound by all the conditions of use upon their activation and use of E-Accounts in this website. If they do not accept the conditions, they may not and should not use any of the services and information provided in any E-Accounts.

(ii) Provision of Services and Information

  1. E-Holders understand and agree that the services and information is provided on an "as is" basis. The Department assumes no responsibility for the untimeliness, deletion and mis-delivery of information or failure of the services provided on the website.

  2. E-Holders understand that the technical processing and transmission of the services and information concerned may involve data transmission over various networks; and changes in data format to conform and adapt to technical requirements of connecting networks or devices. The Department shall, accordingly, in no circumstances, be liable for any failure of delivery of services and information or for any inability to gain access to any of such services and information due to the delay or failure of any communication networks or any party providing such access.

(iii) Personal Information Collection

  1. E-Holders are required to provide certain personal data in activating and using their E-Accounts. Such data may include Hong Kong Identity Card Number, Passport Number, name of contact person, position, day-time contact telephone number, correspondence email address etc.. The data will be used by the Department for facilitating provision of services/information through the E-Account and ensuring that the E-Account is used by the authentic and eligible user. E-Holders providing incomplete or inaccurate data may be denied access to the E-Account and be ineligible for using the services and information on the website.

  2. The Department is committed to ensuring that all personal data provided in the E-Accounts are handled in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance. Please refer to the relevant Personal Information Collection Statement for details.

  3. E-Holders should further refer to the relevant Personal Information Collection Statements pertaining to the respective web-based services for electronic applications available in their accounts.

(iv) Login ID, Password and Security

  1. Each E-Holder MUST set the Password (or Login ID and Password for E-Holder with digital certificates) for its E-Account. They may and are encouraged to alter the Password (or Login ID and Password) via this website from time to time.

  2. E-Holders may be assigned Passwords or Personal Identification Numbers (PIN) for the digital certificates issued to them by a Certification Authority recognised by the HKSAR Government for making electronic applications within their E-Accounts.

  3. E-Holders are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality and authorised uses of their Login ID or Passwords or PIN for their E-Accounts and the digital certificates and are fully responsible for all activities that occur with the use of the Login IDs, Passwords or PIN.

  4. E-Holders agree and acknowledge that the use of services by any person (whether authorised by themselves or not) with those Login IDs, Passwords or PIN shall constitute and be deemed to be the use of the same by themselves as the E-Holders.

  5. The Department will not be liable for any divulgence of those passwords or PIN or loss or damage arising from the E-Holder's failure to comply with the above conditions or the conditions for the use of any digital certificates in connection with any electronic applications made in the E-Accounts.

(v) Disclaimer of Warranties and Liability

  1. E-Holders understand and agree that the use of services and information in the E-Account is at their own discretion and risk. The Department will not accept any liability for loss or damage resulting from

    (a) the use of and inability to use the services and information obtained through or from the E-Account;

    (b) events of interrupted or delayed services and information; and,

    (c) unauthorised access to or alteration of applications and particulars made in the E-Accounts.

Last Updated Date : 30 May 2011

Last Review Date : 14 June 2016