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Trading Firms

Strategic Trade Control in Hong Kong
  • According to the Import and Export Ordinance (Cap. 60) and the Import and Export (Strategic Commodities) Regulations (Cap. 60 sub. leg. G), import, export and transhipment of strategic commodities are subject to licensing control in Hong Kong.  The transit of “more sensitive” items also requires import and export licences.
  • ​Any person who imports or exports strategic commodities not under and in accordance with a licence issued by the Trade and Industry Department commits an offence.

Responsibilities of Trading Firms

  • Trading firms engaged in the import or export of strategic commodities in Hong Kong must obtain valid licences from the Trade and Industry Department before shipment.
  • Importers should present to carriers valid import licences before taking delivery of the goods from the carriers.
  • Exporters should deliver valid export licences to carriers before the export of the goods.
  • Trading firms should ensure that the goods to be imported/exported are the same as those declared on the import/export licences.
Things to be aware of
  • What is being imported/exported ?
    • If the goods are strategic commodities, import and/or export licences are required.
  • Where are the goods being exported/re-exported ?
    • Ensure that the goods are not destined for countries/places of concern.
  • Who will be receiving the goods ?
    • Know your customers.  Ensure that the goods are to be exported to legitimate end-users.
  • Why is the customer purchasing the goods ?
    • Ensure that the technical capabilities of the goods are suitable for the end-use declared.

Useful Reference

Further Questions

  • For Import/Export Licensing: 2398 5575
  • For Technical Assessment: 2398 5587
  • E-mail:
Last Revision Date : 15 June 2017