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Advantages of Pre-Classification
There are many advantages brought about by Pre-Classification Service:
  • The assignment of "Pre-Classification Reference Numbers" for products classified as strategic commodities - "Pre-Classification Reference Number" is a unique number TID gives to each specific strategic commodity after assessment. In assigning the number, TID will also keep a systematic record of the product's technical specifications/data sheets/documents submitted by the applicant. The Department can therefore trace details of the product easily. For future licence applications covering the same product, applicants are simply required to declare the relevant "Pre-Classification Reference Number" and can then be saved from the need of submitting the bulky specifications and other technical documents in each and every licence application again and again.;
  • More expeditious issuance of licences - Licence applications covering products declared with Pre-Classification Reference Numbers are processed more expeditiously. First, the Pre-Classification Reference Numbers enable TID to retrieve records and technical information of the product in a very efficient manner. Second, as the Pre-Classification Results have already helped advise the applicants on the correct and necessary technical information to be made on future licence applications, delay due to unclear or insufficient technical information could be avoided.;
  • A formal advice from TID on the control status of a product - Even if there is no specific order in hand, traders can use the Pre-Classification Service to check the classification of a product and whether it requires an import/export licence.; and
  • An official document certifying that a product is not a strategic commodity - For products classified as non-strategic goods, the Pre-Classification Result is definitely a concise and valid document to prove particularly to carriers that a specific product is not a strategic commodity.
Last Review Date : 29 April 2015