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Paper Applications

Traders who wish to make use of Pre-Classification Service should complete the Pre-classification Application Form, SC013 (Rev 2011) (pdf fillable format) (Specimen of a completed Pre-Classification Application Form) (pdf format).

The completed Pre-classification Application Form together with the required supporting documents should be submitted to the Customer Service Centre of Strategic Trade Controls Branch (address : Room 1619, 16/F, Trade and Industry Tower, 3 Concorde Road, Kowloon City, Hong Kong) . A numbered receipt will be issued for each Pre-Classification application.

Electronic Applications
Companies can also submit Pre-Classification Applications in an electronic way. The E-Applications for Pre-Classification Service can be made through companies' E-Accounts in the SC Website under the program of "Pre-Classification of Products" provided at the E-Application menu . For supporting documents like the product's technical specification, E-Applicants can scan, upload and submit them together with the E-Pre-Classification Application. Alternatively, they can submit the documents to TID by fax (3525 1526) or in person. Upon successful submission, E-Applicants should follow the instructions to print out by themselves the receipts for future collection of the Pre-Classification Result.

To use and submit E-Applications, companies are required to complete a special registration with TID in advance. (Details of the special registration and other requirements for the use of E-Applications).

Points to Note
Each Pre-Classification Application must cover only one product and be submitted together with technical specifications/data sheets of the product. In addition to basic information of the applicants, the following information regarding the products should also be stated on the Pre-Classification Application Form: 
  • Brand/Maker Name;
  • Model/Part No.;
  • Product description including detailed technical information;
  • In certain cases, some parameters are not given or shown clearly in the technical specifications/data sheets. To enable TID to assess your case, please declare the parameters that are applicable to the commodities (Details) (pdf format);
  • Country (Place) of Origin; and
  • End-use of the Commodity, if available.
The technical specifications/data sheets will enable TID to make a classification rating. These documents will be kept by TID for future reference and will not be returned. Application forms that are not properly completed or not accompanied by all the necessary documentation will be rejected.
Issuance of Pre-Classification Result
In general, TID takes 2 clear working days to process a Pre-Classification application. For both paper and electronic applications, paper Pre-Classification Results are issued. Applicants can get back the Pre-Classification Result by presenting the receipt at the Customer Service Centre of Strategic Trade Controls Branch (address : Room 1619, 16/F, Trade and Industry Tower, 3 Concorde Road, Kowloon City, Hong Kong). To ensure the Pre-Classification Results are ready for collection, applicants are advised to check at the SC Website the processing status of their applications in advance. While there is no limit on the number of products or Pre-Classification Applications a trader may submit at a time, bulk requests covering a large number of products will need longer time to process. In such cases, the applicants will be informed separately of the time required for the pre-classification.

Samples of the Pre-Classification Result:
  • For a product which is classified as a "strategic commodity" (pdf format)
  • ‚ÄčFor a product which is classified as a "non-strategic" commodity (pdf format)
Where necessary, TID will impose special conditions for the use of the Pre-Classification Results. Traders are reminded to look for these conditions which will be printed out in very clear terms at the designated part, "Special Conditions" and make sure compliance with all of them in using the Pre-Classification Results.

Last Revision Date : 19 May 2017