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Part (I) Introduction

Companies engaged in the import and export of strategic commodities in Hong Kong are eligible to register with the Trade and Industry Department and become holders of E-Accounts ("E-Holders"). Please go to Part (II) for the detailed registration procedures and requirements.

In his E-Account, E-Holder can gain access to a spectrum of company-based information and utilise a wide range of E-services, e.g. to check the processing status of their licence applications, to see the deferral reasons of their licence applications, to prepare and submit electronically import/export licence and pre-classification applications etc.. Utilisation of certain E-services however will require the presence of recognised digital certificates of the E-Holders. Part (III) lists out in full the kinds of digital certificates needed and other related information. A summary table showing all the accessible information and available E-services and their relevant requirements is at Part (IV).

Each E-Account is accessible with a pair of Login ID and Password as defined by the E-Holder himself. Details of the account's activation steps and access control is set out at Part (V).

Each E-Account is a company account and its use is exclusively at the discretion of the management of the company, i.e. the E-Holder. For using the E-Account and its E-services, E-holders should abide by the conditions of use Part (VI).

For enquiries on E-Account and its E-services, please contact us by :

- email at ; or

- telephone to our Customer Service Centre at (852) - 2398 5575 ; or

- fax to our Customer Service Manager at (852) - 2396 3070 ; or

- letter to our Customer Service Manager at Room 1619, 16/F, Trade and Industry Tower, 3 Concorde Road, Kowloon City, Hong Kong.


Last Review Date : 21 January 2016