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Hong Kong’s Control List

The official copy of the Import and Export (Strategic Commodities) Regulations (the SC Regulations) is available at the Hong Kong e-Legislation maintained by the Department of Justice. For the relevant regulation, please click here to view.

In order to increase the readability of the SC Regulations, the SC Regulations are further sub-divided into a number of files which are generally called the Hong Kong’s Strategic Commodities Control List (the Control List).  Since the breakdown of files unavoidably involves human intervention, the industry are urged to look at the SC Regulations in case of any discrepancy between the SC Regulations and the Control List.

 Munitions List
Browse Munitions List (pdf format)
 Dual-use Goods List :
 Category 0 - Nuclear Materials, Facilities & Equipment
Browse Category 0-Nuclear Materials,Facilities & Equipment (pdf format)
 Category 1 - Special Materials and Related Equipment
Browse Category 1-Materials, Chemicals, Microorganisms And Toxins (pdf format)
 Category 2 - Materials Processing
Browse Category 2-Materials Processing (pdf format)
 Category 3 - Electronics
Browse Category 3-Electronics (pdf format)
 Category 4 - Computers
Browse Category 4-Computers (pdf format)
 Category 5 (Part 1) - Telecommunications
Browse Category 5(Part 1)-Telecommunications (pdf format)
 Category 5 (Part 2) - Information Security
Browse Category 5(Part 2)-Information Security (pdf format)
 Category 6 - Sensors and Lasers
Browse Category 6-Sensors And Lasers (pdf format)
 Category 7 - Navigation and Avionics
Browse Category 7-Navigation And Avionics (pdf format)
 Category 8 - Marine
Browse Category 8-Marine (pdf format)
 Category 9 - Aerospace and Propulsion
Browse Category 9-Propulsion Systems, Space, Vehicles And Related Equipment (pdf format)
 Definitions Of Terms
Browse Definitions Of Terms (pdf format)

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Last Revision Date : 07 October 2021